The Lariettes were established in 2010 with the opening of GRHS. In 2012, TaShane O'Haver became the Director of the Lariettes. Since Ms. O'Haver became the Director, the Lariettes have won 6 national titles as well as other competition titles, they have attended Monsters of Hip Hop for 2 years, they have performed in the AT&T Cotton Bowl in front of an audience of over 75,000 people, and were a part of the 2014 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! 

In December 2013, Mrs. O'Haver created LCISD's first JV dance program after receiving approval from Mrs. Haack (GRHS Principal) and Mr. Estrada (LCISD Director of Fine Arts). The JV Drill Team, known as Belles, debuted during the 2014 Longhorn football season. The creation of the Belles and the large growth in our dance programs allowed us to hire a second full time dance teacher who will serve as the Assistant Director of the organization, Ms. Taylor Dowling. Ms. Dowling will primarily oversee the Belles Drill Team.