Team History


Directors: TaShane O'Haver (Head Director), Brittany Suey (Assistant Director) 

Football Record- 

Competitions attended this year-

Major awards won:



Officers this year: Lt. Colonel- Victoria A, Lt. Colonel- Makayla M, Major- Felicia K, Major- Lucy W, Social President- Charlize C, Social Rep.- Chloe S, Social Rep.- Zoe C.

Lariette Line:  Morgan A, Myriah A, Nafi B, Gabriela B, Alison B, Zoe C, Charlize C, Mia F, Sumyr H, Katelyn H, Vivan I, Kathleen I, Jaia J, Taylor J, Felcia K, Lauryn K, Madeline L, Caitlin M, HaIlee O, Nicole O, Brianna P, Chloe S, Linda T, Ja'Mariyah W, Haley P (Manager)


Directors: TaShane O'Haver (Head Director), Brittany Suey (Assistant Director) 

Football Record- 

Competitions attended this year-

Major awards won:



Officers this year: Colonel- Alexia L, Major- Maiya W, Jr. Major- Makayla M.

Lariette Line: Sidney L, Caroline H, Bridgette W, Lucy W, Crystal A, Charlize C, Chloe S, Madison R, Gabiela B, Alison B, Zoe C, Victoria A, Kimberly D, Felcia K,Myriah A, Eri A, Jaia J, Nicole O, Ryah L (Manager)


Directors: TaShane O'Haver (Head Director), Brittany Suey (Assistant Director) 

Football Record- 

Competitions attended this year-

Major awards won:



Officers this year: Colonel- Desiree A, Major- Lexi B, Major- Erin M, Major- Mariah R, Social- Sidney L.

Lariette Line: Victoria A, Brianna A, Tiara B, Amiria H, Madison H, Caroline H, Kayla O, Alaina S, Mikayla W, Lucy W, Morgan D, Kimberly D, Rudee G, Felicia K, Alexia L, Makayla M, Brienna W, Maiya W, Valerie A (Head Manager) Darrian S (Manger)


Directors: TaShane O'Haver (Head Director), Brittany Suey (Assistant Director) 

Football Record- 

Competitions Attended This Year- Champion Brazos Valley Classic - Officers, Solos, Ensembles Only (2-11-17), Showtime Regionals, Willis High School (2-18-17), Crowd Pleasers Regionals at Clear Springs (2-25-17), MA Nationals in Fort Worth (3/24-3/25, 2017)

Major Awards Won: 

     Lariettes- Grand Champion Small Team (Showtime), Grand Champion Large Team (CP), Elite Circle of Champions/7th Overall (CP), National Champion       Medium Team (MA), Winner's Circle (MA)

     Belles- Grand Champion JV Team (Showtime and CP), National Champion JV Hip Hop (MA)

Officers This Year: Colonel- Alexandria A., Majors- Ana R. and Trinity G.

                                 JV Captain- Caroline H, JV Co Captain- Maryna K. JV Lieutenant- Rebecca T.

Lariette Social- Sabryn L.

Spring Show Theme This Year: Lariette TV

Lariette Line- Desiree A., Madison A, Brianna A, Rudee G, Ke'Asia G., Madison H, Sidney L, Alexia L, Isabella M, Megan S, Mysunique T, Desiree T, Lexi B, Tiara B, Abisola H, Makayla H, Kensly L, Erin M, Shauna P, Mariah R, Maiya W, Kaliey Z, Valerie A (Head Manager) Darrian S. (Manager)


Directors: TaShane O'Haver (Head Director), Taylor Dowling (Asst Director) 

Football record- WE WON STATE UNDEFEATED! We got to perform at NRG not once, but twice! We wore Santa suits for the state game! 

We had a rough December with tryouts, contest hip hop, and a football game all in one week! But as usual. we pushed through it! 

Competition routines competed this year: team hip hop, team military, team pom, team jazz, officer jazz, officer lyrical, officer hip hop. 

Competitions Attended This Year: Crowd Pleasers Regionals in San Marcos, TX (2-20-16), Showtime Spring Fling Competition (2-27-16), Crowd Pleasers Nationals (3-12-16)

Major Awards won-

     Lariettes- 4th Runner Up Overall (CP), Grand Champion and Showcase Elite Officer Line (CP), Extra Small Team Grand Champion (Showtime), 4th

     Runner Up Overall (Nationals), National Champion Officer Line 

     Belles- 1st Runner Up JV Team (CP), Grand Champion JV Team (Showtime)

Officers this year: Colonel- Lauren Garver, Lt. Colonel. Hannah McClendon, Senior Major- Morgan McKnight, Junior Major- Rachel Bandele

                                JV Captain- Lindsie McNair

Social Officer This Year: Alexandria Adigun 

Spring Show Theme This Year: Red Carpet Affair 

Our Belles JV team grew from 8 members to 26 members! We were also lucky to add JH dance to the dance program and a full time second certified dance teacher, Taylor Dowling. 

Lariette Line: Maricela M., Allye H., Bevin H., Ana Maria R., Sabryn L., Madison A., Erin M., Megan S., Lexi B., Jordyn M., Lauren D., Desiree A., Mariah R., De' Jane C.


Football season record: Our football team once again made it to the 4th round of playoffs!!

This was an out of state year for the Lariettes. We went out of state to New York City and performed in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! It was cold  but an awesome experience! The day we returned, we literally got off the airplane, loaded a school bus, headed to a playoff football game and YES performed halftime! With basically no practice!!! 

Competition Routines: Team hip hop, team novelty, team jazz, team pom, officer hip hop, officer jazz, officer lyrical 

Competitons Attended and Awards: 

Spring Show Theme: A Journey Around the World 

Officers: Colonel- Ambria Johnson, Lt. Colonel- Lauren Garver, Junior Majors- Morgan McKnight, Hailey Ginkens 

Introduction of JV Team, Belles JV Drill Team. The starting Belles Line had 8 members who include: Desiree Akarue, Madison Angel, Lauren Dawson, Erin McKinnerney, Lindsie McNair, Bria Miles, Yasmin Olivo and Megan Shull. 

Name of Lariettes changes from Lariettes Drill Team to Lariettes Varsity Dance Team. 

Lariette Line: Megan O., Rachel B., Stella C., Alexandria A., Ana Maria R., Sabryn L.,Delaney W., Allye H., Hannah M., Bevin H., Maricela M., Samantha V., Marissa E., Shai C., Inara H., Lyndsay M.,  Regina G., Quianna J., Adeja E., 



Football season record: our football team maded it to the 4th round of playoffs!!

Competition Routines: team pom, team  hip-hop, team jazz, team opener, officer jazz, officer novelty, and officer hip-hop

Competitons Attended and Awards: 

Spring Show Theme: Broadway

Officers: Colnel- Surya Daniels, Lt.- Ambria Johnson, and Morghan Pickering

Lariette Line: Julianne C., Rachel B., Lauren G., Bevin H., Grayson M., Lauren M., Maricela M., Deja J., Katlyn H., Madalyn S., Allye H., Deundra M., Hannah M., Mary Cate O., Delaney W., Megan O., Adrianna E., Morgan M., Alexandria A., Ana Maria R., Haley G., Stella C., Chelsea C. 


The Lariettes are under the direction of a new director, TaShane O'Haver, from San Antonio, TX. 

The Lariettes experience their first varsity football season! The record that season was: 2nd round of playoffs

The Lariettes competed for the first time as a Varsity team. 

The Lariettes attended their first nationals competition. 

Spring Show Theme: Disney 

Officers included: Colonel- Ashley Woods, Lt. Colonel- Emily Cox, Lieutenant 

Lariette Line Included: Jennifer S., Allyson K., Chelsea K., Chelsea B., Lexi C., Emerson C., Sydney H., Sutton H., Ambria J., Paige W., Cassandra S., Morghan P., Dominique E., Taylor G., Kraschel G.

George Ranch High School Lariettes & Belles

c/o TaShane O'Haver

8181 FM 762

Richmond, TX 77471


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